Atomic experts say they are monitoring Chernobyl day by day

We’ve got a bit more from the International Atomic Energy Agency, which sent a mission to Chernobyl to check on the site of the former nuclear power station after Russian forces occupied it for weeks.

Describing radiation levels as “abnormal”, the agency’s director general Rafael Grossi said: “There have been some moments when the levels have gone up because of the movement of the heavy equipment that Russian forces were bringing here and when they left. We are following that day by day.”

He added: “The situation was absolutely abnormal and very, very dangerous,”

AFP reported he was speaking just as he arrived at the “sarcophagus” that was intended to limit radiactive contamination from reactor number four of the former nuclear power plant after the 1986 disaster.

The IAEA said its mission to Chernobyl was intended to deliver equipment, check radiation levels and restore safeguards and monitoring systems at the site.

Russian troops took over the former power plant on 24 February, the first day of the invasion of Ukraine, and stayed there for several weeks.

Workers told the BBC they were forced to steal fuel to keep generators working and prevent a dangerous leak of radioactive material.

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