Kigali: A Swiss woman introduces mental relieving therapy through dance 

A Swiss woman by the name of Viviane Probst whose passion prompted her to initiate mental relieving games in Rwanda is hopeful that it would help those who love dancing.

She is a twenty-seven-year-old woman, an expert with regard to games, and happens to be among the acrobats who represented her country on the international scene, winning four medals.

She is gradually gaining popularity in Rwanda, especially in places where the youth gathers, as the teacher who teaches contemporary dancing, which is something new in the country.

This kind of dance is popular internationally, because when they are playing such games, people express their emotional feelings, thus rendering them to feel their real inner selves.

 It’s normally accompanied by the relevant soft soothing music which matches the practice they are undertaking, hence enabling them to devise means of enhancing their capacity for the purpose of repelling the weakness that characterizes them.

People who play such games consider it to be synonymous with yoga, however, they aren’t the same.

Oftentimes, watching participants engaging in these games when you aren’t used to it, instill fear because it makes you think that the dancers  may encounter an accident, as a result of lots of energy and swift movements they apply, nevertheless, the games are the darlings of the civilized people, and their concerts do attract very many people.

Viviane who coaches this rhythm is among the four siblings, but none of them shares her modes of choice, but according to her, with regard to the profession she chose, she was enabled by her parents’ support, who never interfered with her choice until she mastered what she wished to become.

She has so far visited different countries and cities, for competitions, now she is in Rwanda be it West Africa, China, or Miami, a country she says has warm relations with Switzerland her country of origin, she lauds the development rate of Rwanda which is extraordinary. 

The song helps in healing trauma 

Viviane who is aware of the history of Rwanda, and the tragedy which befell Rwanda The 1994 Genocide which was committed against the Tutsi says that her modes of dancing help people to be healed and revitalize their mental health, as well as relieving them of the agony as well as extreme agony and chagrin, especially among the youth.

She points out that her teachings include even what improves mental health because they are intertwined with mankind’s emotional status.

She had this to say, “I have friends who work in the Embassy and they are the ones who proved to me that Rwanda is a good country, thereby requesting me to come and pay a courtesy call, and when I arrived I found it extremely good, and it’s in this context that I thought of initiating the Health Project.”  

Viviane’s best hobby is teaching and she has resolved to engage in this fully, and it requires lots of energy so that people understand the importance and the benefits attributed to this physical exercise which isn’t so popular in Africa.  has got so different clients whom she teaches contemporary dance.

Viviane, reiterates that the dances she teaches generate a lot of money in the world, and she intends to stage big concerts in Rwanda and other places but her headquarters will be based in Kigali in Rwanda.

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