Musanze: Christians are happy to go to Easter again

By: Mwangaza Odille

Some Catholics in Musanze District praying at Ruhengeri Cathedral Catholic Parish, on Easter today, April 04, 2021, confirm that they were resurrected with Jesus, rejoicing that they were going to pray when they did not go there last year because of the Lockdown.

They told integonews  that when they returned from Mass, where they were happy to say that their celebration today coincides with the Church while last year they celebrated the Passover in the Guma program at home, saying that their feelings are different from what they used to be.

That the resurrection of Jesus is a real sign that every believer is resurrected with you, and they undoubtedly affirm that they are also resurrected by Jesus.

Monika Barimba, 75, said: “I am a Catholic, a Saint of Jesus and no one can take me away, and I am the daughter Virgin Mary, Queen of Fatima. In a nutshell, Jesus and Mary have given God and my family a good life, without a mass sacrifice, if the Lord had enabled us every morning to have the Mass sacrifice while I was still in it ”.

The woman from Musanze Sector in Musanze District, who has 20 children and grandchildren, said she was resurrected by Jesus because she had never abandoned him in the difficult days of her life. .

“We heard Mass and we danced, we were happy because Jesus was resurrected, Jesus’ resurrection is redemption, we remember our Redeemer who died for us on the cross and now He has raised us up. My happiness and strength alone show me that I have been redeemed and raised up with you without going back to sin. ”

“He died once in a while, as our redemption reminds us that we must turn from sin, this Passover we celebrate makes us happy because last time we were at home because of COVID-19.

We continue to obey only the instructions that God is doing to save us from the plague and pray for Jesus freely. ”

Kanyana Souzane, 76, said: “I am sure I was resurrected by Jesus, the Passover reminds us of his suffering until he died, and it is a sign of our endurance, but we are preparing for the future.”

“Easter is the day to celebrate this death but I rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus, He alone is grieved but our hearts are near Him, for we cannot help Him do it Himself He is grieved, but when we remember His suffering, the day He triumphed and rose and we rejoiced with You and you will surely. ”

The lady says that what she is going to do that day is to have fun with her family as she explains.

“Now I am very happy at home and happy with my family that the resurrected Jesus has overcome sin, at home the best we have is to share and rejoice that Jesus is risen we have overcome evil by entering into good, and a non-Catholic knows that overcoming evil and striving to come to what Jesus wants for us, good Easter for all Rwandans ”.

Nizeyimana Virginie said, “He is alive and he is alive, he is alive and he is alive, he is alive and he is alive. I am so happy that I don’t see how I can explain it, Jesus was born and we worship and do His will. ”

These Christians urge everyone to follow in Jesus ‘footsteps by doing his will, and strive to live in brotherly love in Jesus’ request.

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